Welcome to midgar

The Age of Winters is returning.

Ice is spreading down from the north; the south is becoming a desert. Summer wanes and winter maintains its icy grip longer and longer. War, famine, and disaster grips Midgar. Kingdoms topple, tribal Vaesten hordes migrate, cannibalistic Kraalings and giant-kin raid the Northlands. 

In the South, famine and drought have driven barons and princes to throw off the reins of the Mad King, plunging the Crownlands into the fires of war. With the growing Dammerung, the Twilight of the World, crops have failed and stars faded in the sky. The dead no longer rest in their graves; corpses are burned, buried under great stones, or dismembered. 

The Freeholds of the stalwart Nordvik stand as one of the few remaining bastions of safety. Refugees and exiles from across Midgar are forced to seek refuge in the Northlands, for every day Shadow, Fire, and Ice grow in strength. Despite the rivalries and vendettas of the past, the bands of survivors must come together, work hard, and sell their lives dearly to preserve the human race for as long as possible in the face of the growing Dammerüng.

The End Times are here.