Dammerung is an emergent saga-style larp that tells the story of raiders, outcasts, and exiles trying to survive in a dying world.


At Dammerung, you will...

  • Spend the weekend becoming a character in a fictional world that is rooted in Norse mythology and legend.

  • Work with your fellow cast members to create stories that will become legends in their own right as the world moves forward and advances in time.

  • Have the opportunity to forge your own tales––whether you decide to become a warlike raider, robbing honest folk of their hard-earned treasure; or a skilled handverker, creating weapons for those who would put them to bloody ends.

  • Engage in a variety of activities, including storytelling, traditional board games, music, brawling, duels, warfare, and even lessons in period-appropriate craftsmanship.

  • Shop for equipment and goods at the marketplace.

​Themes and Setting

Dammerung has been deliberately designed to explore and tell stories around the themes of inter-generational conflict, entropy, and community––what brings us together and what drives us apart.

However, it must be noted that we designed the world of Dammerung to be inclusive. It is not subject to the racism and misogyny that are often falsely lauded as a constant of real-world 9th century cultures.


To be clear, we strongly condemn the ideology of white supremacy and hate groups' co-option of Nordic culture. While 9th century Earth was a violent place filled with tragedy, we have sought to break down social barriers, and will not tolerate the use of real world bigotry or ‘isms.’

The world of Dammerung has its own social barriers to overcome and real world ‘isms’ are simply not welcome. For example, although this experience features heavy themes of legacy and the feuding of generations, heirs are chosen on merit rather than gender or orientation, and aren’t necessarily even related by blood. A woman’s worth is in no way defined by her ability to have children, and age is not considered a burden but something to be respected. Likewise, we want to make it clear that our written cultures are not intended to be racial divides. Due to generations of intermingling and raiding, ethnocentrism and discrimination based on the color of one's skin is not only ridiculous in the world of Dammerung, it is also impractical. This underscores our real world commitment to center conflict in Dammerung around familial tensions, not race.

Through all of this, we seek to provide a safe, consent-driven narrative. If you feel you are unable to participate in collaborative storytelling and creating a safe space, then this experience is not for you.

White supremacists and participants exhibiting discriminatory behavior will be investigated and may face immediate expulsion from the event.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

First, you'll want to check out How to Play, so that you can figure out who you want to become using our Rulebook and culture guides.


Then, put together a costume using our Equipment Guide (PDF) and Pinterest as inspiration. You can also like Dammerung's page for updates and announcements, and join our community group on Facebook to connect with other participants.


Finally, buy a ticket and show up to the event!

However, be aware that all Dammerung LARP events require attendees to be vaccinated. You can see our policy here.

What is emergent larp?

Emergent larp is a form of American gameplay that combines narrative and consent-driven negotiation with more traditional competitive elements, creating a game in which competition, simulationism, and freeform play all work together to support each other in the same space.

Learn more about emergent larp from Workshop Designer Ericka S.; or, watch an interview.

What is a saga-style larp?

At the end of every year (four events), the story will progress forward twenty-five years. Those characters who came before will become the stuff of mythic heroism. You will have the opportunity to portray your character at different stages of life; to play a child or descendant of a past character; or to explore different cultures or parts of the game as a totally new character.