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Dammerung: S2. ACT 1 - DAWN

Dammerung is a rules-light, emergent saga-style larp that takes place across one century of in-world time. The game runs four events per year in southeastern Pennsylvania.
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Time & Location

Time is TBD
Camp Garrison, Musser Scout Reservation, Camp Garrison, Musser Scout Reservation, 4021 Upper Ridge Rd, Pennsburg, PA 18073, USA

About the Event

EVENT POSTPONED: DAMMERUNG JUNE 25th-27th It is with great disappointment that we must announce the cancellation of the June 25-27th Dammerung event. State and Federal restrictions of large gatherings as well as the crisis policies of the Boy Scouts of America, who host the site we use, have required us to postpone/cancel the event. Ultimately, the health of our cast and crew, as well as that of the participant community and their extended families, loved ones and coworkers takes precedence in this trying time.

We will be rolling previous bookings over to the next available Dammerung event. As before, much of our funding has been tied up or spent in preparation for this coming season, some of that cost will unfortunately be wasted by this delay. Sadly our event insurance still does not covering our losses for this necessary cancellation. Despite another hard setback we remain committed to bringing you an excellent roleplaying experience as soon again as we are able! In fact, we're excited to announce a new product offering:

Heroes Of The Axe Age!

Stay tuned, and look to the virtual event page and our facebook page for further developments!

Please direct all questions and concerns to either this page, or in a PM to the Dammerung LARP FB Page. 


Join us for an exciting Season 2 opener, in which new characters will arrive from across the world of Midgar and begin their own Sagas of the End of Days; existing characters reveal how their lives and relationships have been affected by the Wheel of Years; and we all explore how the world has shifted, slipping further into darkness and loss. 

The Dammerung grows, and unlike the gentle days of Season 1, the end of the world has assuredly now begun... 

Event Logistics

Dammerung's Dawn Event will take place at the well-appointed Camp Garrison (4021 Upper Ridge Rd, Pennsburg, PA 18073).  Parking is available at the campground. Prior to 9:30pm on a Friday, participants may drive their vehicles into the grounds, but are asked not to block the road or leave their vehicles unattended on site for more than 10 minutes. Vehicles will not be permitted to drive up past the parking lot into the Play Area between 9:30pm on Friday, and sunrise on Sunday, except in the case of early departures. If you are departing early, please pack and stage your baggage before fetching your vehicle and minimize the time your vehicle is in the play area.

Housing is available in the Fort (32 bunks, 4 private rooms), the Castle (32 bunks, 4 private rooms), and on the Ship (40 bunks); there are also several in- and out-of-character tenting areas throughout the site. For those staying in bunks or private rooms, beds are wooden bunk beds or metal-frame cots. Thin camping mattresses are provided. Participants must provide their own bedding.

We ask everyone who is sleeping in an in-character area to make a reasonable effort to keep their sleeping area in-character. Minimum expectations are as follows:

  • Keep phones and other modern-day devices and/or cords out of sight
  • Hide or cover obviously out-of-character bins or luggage
  • Cover obviously out-of-character bedding, for example with a plain, solid-colored flat-sheet

Single-stall showers are available throughout the campsite.

Food considerations: All participants will have access to our Day Board (period buffet) throughout the Saturday of each event; the Day Board is available in the predesignated tavern area next to the Castle. Our caterer will announce the contents of the Day Board prior to the event.

Each camp area except the Castle has a kitchen with an oven, stove, sink, prep area, and refrigerator. Kitchens are strictly out-of-character areas. Participants are welcome to store personal food in the refrigerators and/or kitchens, but are asked to organize their food neatly, to label containers, and to be respectful of others’ needs and convenience.

The Castle’s kitchen, refrigerator, oven, stove, and prep area are reserved strictly for our caterer’s use. Participants may store unrefrigerated food and/or coolers in a predesignated space within the kitchen, and may use the prep area and sink at the caterer’s discretion, but the caterer’s work always takes precedence. Anyone bunking in the Castle who needs refrigerator space is encouraged to use the kitchen in the building just down the road (where the Dim Halls are located in-character; go through the back door, or use the lookdown mechanic when entering or exiting).

Accessibility considerations: Stairs, rough terrain.

Check-in will begin between 5:00 and 6:00pm in the Logistics Building next to the parking lot. The event's Opening Announcements and Pre-game Workshops will occur around 9:00pm on Friday, April 10 in the courtyard of the Fort. Please note that workshop attendance is mandatory. Culture-specific workshops will follow, with general roleplay starting after the workshops wrap up and continuing through Sunday afternoon, with soft-stops on Friday and Saturday night.

Please note: Dawn Event passes are only available while supplies last, and are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend, you may re-sell your ticket with permission. Ticket Sales will close 1 week prior to the event. There will be no Ticket Sales at the door this season.

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