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Heroes of the Axe Age

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Heroes of the Axe Age will be small scale adventures and stories that you and your friends will be able to undertake with the aid of a story teller. Dammerung typically focuses on interpersonal drama on a macro scale, but unfortunately, at this time, it's just not possible to deliver that content with current technological constraints. We can however, use this time to show off more of the world setting, and the threat that plague the more dangerous regions of Midgar. This will be done by working with applicants to create and craft a personalized adventure for you and your group, telling some of the stories that were originally going to be glossed over in the wheel of years. This is not going to be roll20 table top gaming; to be clear, we are working on creating a new medium of story telling that maintains the level of professional quality we've come to be known for. In it, you can expect to be up and moving around, with a whole lot of puzzle solving and role playing. Stay tuned, and look to this website and our facebook page for further developments!  

Please direct all questions and concerns to either this page, or in a PM to the Dammerung LARP FB Page. 

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