Basic Rules and expectations

1. Be in character

You are the plot, the monsters, and the heroes. Whether you are a bandit or troll living in the woods, an honest tradesperson or crafter, or a warrior from any of the several in-world cultures, your job is to stay in-character and to avoid modern conventions whenever possible.

2. Take breaks

As a person, you are more important than the experience itself. While we appreciate immersive roleplay, we encourage you to tend to your self-care ahead of anything else. Please head to an out-of-game space to make sure this happens.

3. What you see is what you get

Everything that you see in the world is generally what it appears to at a glance; a rope is a rope, and a wall is a wall. While there are props made of modern materials, you shouldn’t have to use too much of your imagination to figure out what something is.

4. Always react

Be immersed and react to what is happening around you. Does a galdr’s hex take hold of you for mere moments, or will it last the whole scene? You get to decide, based on the depth of their roleplay. Everyone at the game should strive to tell a compelling story through actions and reactions. Don't fall into the trap of getting caught up in competitive rules discussions or ignoring other people's actions outright!

5. Play to lift

Playing to lift means reacting to your fellow cast member’s actions in ways that make them appear more impressive, and/or ceding the spotlight to other characters in the course of storytelling. In this game culture, having better stats isn’t what is important; the real accolades go to the participants who consistently tell compelling stories and actively involve others in the game world.

Dammerung is a "Saga-style" emergent LARP that spans approximately 100 years of the course of four seasons of play. Learn how Time & Aging works by downloading The Wheel of Years (PDF). You can read about what happened in the last wheel of years and be up on the current history of Midgar here.

Learn everything there is to know about Dammerung LARP.

Read the complete Rulebook here.


Find out what you need to bring, and what kind of gear or costuming you need.

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Before every event, we host two workshops. The first is a general workshop, which is designed to go over our rules and mechanics and to give you the opportunity to build relationships with other characters in-world. The second is a culture-specific workshop, where you can meet your culture's Osthaler and cultural leads, learn more about your chosen culture in-play, and talk about what you want to get out of the game.


Participants may begin roleplay after the workshops wrap, but play officially begins on Saturday morning and continues until Sunday afternoon.