Buy this ticket if you want to attend Dammerung and stay with the crownlanders in a castle!


Falkenschloss is the second of the two forts on site. It is an impressive structure with a unbreachable stone wall, drawbridge-gate and two stone towers. One tower even has a second floor reachable by the balcony of the Keep! Inside the castle is a large courtyard with an amphitheater fire ring against the curtain wall, a great hall (with kitchen) and a two story lodge with four bathrooms, two large bunkrooms and four private rooms.


Purchasing one of the four Private Rooms in Falkenschloss comes with (2) admission tickets- Please make your email available to us so that we can contact you and confirm accomodations for you and your guest.


Falkenschloss will be themed for the Crownlanders and their allies.

Includes: Indoor bed and Cabin space, Access to the Day Board (Period Buffet), Professional Actors as player liaisons and Cultural leads, pre-established relationships within the game world and a pre-game Workshop.

Falkenschloss Ticket (Crownlander & Friends)


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