Buy this ticket if you want to attend Dammerung and stay in a heated Cabin! Please select your chosen culture, or a mixed culture cabin in the ticket options!

To arrange for a private cabin, follow this link!


Includes: Indoor bed and Cabin space, in a fourteen bunk cabin. (12 bunks, and 2 single beds). There are closets and alcoves by each bunk and a power outlet by each bed. Access to the Day Board (Period Buffet), Professional Actors as player liaisons and Cultural leads, pre-established relationships within the game world and a pre-game Workshop.

Event Information: Yule is meant to be a In-Character Community celebration. Our main conflict themes will be less in the foreground as our characters look back on the past year of action and plan for the next twenty of Time-Jump! Yule is a great time to get RP closure for your characters arc, to set up your next Season storylines or to establish a basis for your next character. 


Event Setting: Hjalborg, High Hall of the Nordvik

The Yule Feast is being held in Hjalborg, the most powerful of the remaining Bannerfolk kingdoms. Guests will be expected to be courteous and uphold the peace of the Feast.  The Koniga and her husband rule, their word is law and any who breaks the peace of the Thing will make an enemy of Hjalborg. 


Trolls, Wights and Jotunar are not welcome within the boundaries of Hjalborg, so any who plan on entering the hall and hold peaceably should undergo rituals to disguise themselves to blend in with the humans. 


Drinking Responsibly
Yule will be a BYOB event with responsible and subdued drinking allowed by 21+ participants. Even though drinking is permitted, over-intoxication will result in banning from future Feast events. Anyone who becomes a PROBLEM due to their intoxication will not be allowed back at any future Dammerung event.

COMBAT: Anyone participating in combat of any sort should not be under the influence of alcohol. Scheduled fights, battles, duels and adventures will require that all participants prove their relative sobriety by submitting to sobriety tests or breathalyzers. 


Potluck Feast - Saturday Evening
Dammerung will be sponsoring a base layer to the feast but for it to shine we need contribution to the smorgasboard. Please bring a dish, snack, drink or some contribution. Ideally this will be in or on a decorum serving dish (wood, metal, clay, glass, aka NO PLASTIC) Please retrieve your dishes by Sunday and wash them yourselves. 

Contact for the Feast Organizer will be posted soon. 


Brewing Contest - Judged Saturday Night
Entries to the Brewing and Mixology contest must be submitted to the sampling table Friday night. Best entries, decided by votes after the Feast, will win a Prize. Sign Up at the Event. 


Fighting Circle Tournament - Saturday Evening TBA
Saturday Evening there will be a fighting tournament held in the contest field. Winner is decided by a team of judges based off of Combat Roleplay not strikes. Sign Up at the Event. 

Yule Fire - Saturday Night
A large bonfire in a natural amphitheater where each culture is welcome to honor the departed and toast to births that occurred over the past Season.


Hjalborg Games - Saturday High Sun

A series of contests of strength and skill at the Contest Field. 

Stone Throw, Log Throw, Shield Push, Leg Wrestling, 


Bardic Competition - Post Feast


Battlefield - Saturday 1-6pm
The Contest Field will be available for groups, warbands and cultures to arrange and fight large or small group battles. Battlefield Slot Signup begin Nov 13th.


Adventure Sites- All Event
There will be three Adventure Sites that groups may use for small team quests, private scenes, fights, and roleplay. We encourage groups to create and run small adventure party style missions for each other at these locations. Adventure Submissions begin Nov 13th.


OOG Info: Spontaneous fighting is heavily discouraged at this event. People will be celebrating, roleplaying and possibly intoxicated. All combat should be first negotiated or at the designated events and prearranged scenes.

Yuletide: General Ticket

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