Buy this ticket if you want to attend Dammerung and stay in a caravelle made by famous Kronelans ship builders! This ship will be home to the Cerns, and those allied with them.

If you are a jotunar, you should also bunk here (As a human), though many of your things will stored at the Dimhalls, nearby.


You're sure to enjoy your time at the ship: The cerns are famous for their hospitality, singling, and food. A massage parlor and spa will be present, and there is a Kitchen and a Bathhouse as well. The Ship has one large bunk house, with some additional bunk space in the Captains Room (up the ramp).

While this space is aimed at Jotunar and Kraaling players, there will also be


The Ships' accomodations are intended for Cerns!

Includes: Indoor bed and Cabin space, Access to the Day Board (Period Buffet), Professional Actors as player liaisons and Cultural leads, pre-established relationships within the game world and a pre-game Workshop. Air conditioning will be in very limited supply.

The Ship (Cern and Jotunar)


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