Though the first season of the Saga was one of conflict and hardship the folk of Midgar gather together to feast, drink and celebrate the festival of Yjule! Join us for a feast in a Great Hall of Hjalborg! The hearthfires will be cheery, giving the heroes, villains, and scoundrels of the Nordelans a chance to recount the glorious deeds of the previous year.

Event Information

Event Logistics

Dammerung's Yule Event will take place at the well-appointed South Mountain YMCA Camp (201 Cushion Peak Road, Reinholds, PA 17569).  Parking is available at the campground. Prior to 11:00pm on Friday, December 13, participants may drive their vehicles into the grounds, but are asked not to block the road or leave their vehicles unattended on site for more than 10 minutes. Vehicles will not be permitted to drive up past the parking lot into the Play Area between 11:00pm on Friday, December 13 and sunrise on Sunday, December 15 except in the case of early departures. If you are departing early, please pack and stage your baggage before fetching your vehicle and minimize the time your vehicle is in the play area.


Housing is comprised of heated log cabins with sleeping space booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Cabins sleep 14 people each; groups should plan to decorate their own cabins. Please note: There is no kitchen available for public use. Plan accordingly and bring camp stoves, hot plates, and/or coolers as needed.

The event's Opening Announcements and Pre-game Workshops will occur around 9:00pm on Friday, December 13 in the Great Hall. Please note that workshop attendance is mandatory for anyone who has never played at Dammerung before. General roleplay will start after the workshops wrap up and continue through Sunday afternoon, with soft-stops on Friday and Saturday night.

This will be a BYOB event. Those partaking must be 21 years of age or older and wear a provided wristband at all times. Revelers are expected to be responsible, safe, and respectful. Abuse of this privilege will result in removal from this and all future Dammerung events.

There will be no Wargame or Boon growth this event. Spontaneous fighting is heavily discouraged at this event, as people will be celebrating, roleplaying, and possibly intoxicated. All combat should be pre-negotiated before the event, or occur at the designated times and places listed below (Adventure Sites or Battlefield Melee). Finally, remember: This is the last event before the 20-year time jump to Season 2!

In-World Setting and Details

The in-world setting is Hjalborg, the High Hall of the Nordvik and the most powerful of the remaining Bannerfolk kingdoms. Guests are expected to be courteous and uphold the peace of the Feast. The Koniga and her husband rule; their word is law, and any who break the peace of the Thing will make an enemy of Hjalborg.

Trolls, Wights, and Jotunar are not welcome within the boundaries of Hjalborg, so any who plan to enter the hall and hold peaceably should undergo available rituals to disguise themselves to blend in with the humans. Otherwise, Jotunar are encouraged to take advantage of Adventure Sites and the Battlefield, where they can face fair odds and enjoy telling more detailed, scripted stories.

Scheduled Events

  • Vendor Market (Rec Room Basement, beneath the Great Hall, all event). This will also be used as an Off-Game Chill Space.

  • Adventure Sites (The Tor, The Lost Village, The Road of Stones; all event). Three Adventure Sites will be marked off and available for groups to use for small team quests, fights, and roleplay. We encourage groups to create and run small, adventure party-style missions for each other at these locations. Narrator/DM-style guide roles are encouraged. Adventure submissions are now open (link opens in a new page).

  • Hjalborg Games (Contest Field, Saturday around noon). A series of contests of strength and skill, including: Stone Throw, Log Throw, Shield Push, Leg Wrestling, and Kuub. Trophies will be awarded to the champion of each contest.

  • Battlefield Melees (Contest Field, Saturday 1-6pm). The Field will be available for groups, warbands, and cultures to arrange and fight large or small group battles. Slot signups are now open (link opens in a new page).

  • Potluck Feast (Great Hall, Saturday evening). Dammerung will sponsor a basic selection of food, but for this event to shine, we need contribution to the smorgasbord! Please bring a dish, snack, drink, or some combination thereof. Ideally, food and drink will be in or on a decorum serving dish (wood, metal, clay, glass; not plastic). Please retrieve your dishes by Sunday and wash them yourself. The best 3 Dishes and best 3 Beverages will will a prize! Contact Feast Organizer, MayaBea, at larpkitchendeity@gmail.com to coordinate.

  • Bardic Competition (Great Hall, post Feast). Bring a genre song, instrument, or performance to entertain and thrill others at the Great Hall after the Feast.

  • Fighting Circle Tournament (Contest Field, Saturday evening). There will be a fighting tournament held in the Contest Field after the Battlefield Melees wrap up. The winner will be decided by a team of judges based on combat roleplay, not strikes. Signups will take place at the event.

  • Yjule Fire (Saturday night). People of all cultures are invited to attend a large bonfire in a natural amphitheater, to honor the departed and to toast new births that occurred over the past season.

Please note: Yule Event passes are only available while supplies last, and are non-transferable and non-refundable. If you are unable to make it you may, with permission, sell your ticket to someone else. There will be no Ticket Sales at the door.


Want to join our staff? We're looking to diversify our team with people who enjoy story telling and engaging in dramatic tales of heroism and woe.

Interested candidates can message us directly through our Facebook page, or email dammerunglogistics@gmail.com.

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